BWD at the 2015 MegaMagic Competition

  I had an absolute blast attending anc competing at this year’s regional magician’s conference, hosted by Calgary’s finest magic shop, The Vanishing Rabbit (my favourite store in the entire world!).  A huge amount of work went into this event by magic shop owner Brent Smith and his wife Anna, along with the hardworking crew… ( Read More → )

FLASHBACK: Brush With Death, at Wowfest 2014!

This was the first year that Yeats Magic Co’s Brush With Death had it’s own solo show at Calgary’s Wowfest.  For those of you who haven’t heard about this amazing event, Wowfest is Calgary’s own magic festival – an entire week of shows featuring the incredibly rich mix of magic entertainment in Calgary. Many people associate… ( Read More → )

Swerve – Fun Listings (June 2013)

Yeats Wong is a magician who knows there’s more than one way to saw a lady in half. “That trick is a cliché of magic,” Wong says. “It can be done in a creepier fashion.”

“A creepier fashion” nicely sums up A Brush with Death, a macabre magic show that hits the stage at the Burnswest Theatre … ( Read More → )

Cool Prairie Dog… Plays Dead!

June 7, 2013 – I was walking over to Fort Calgary today, doing some last minute preparations for our upcoming Brush With Death stage show.  On my way, I was passing by the East Village, and I saw our annual crop of little baby Prairie Dogs (aka ‘gophers’ to most non-Canadians) playing and rolling around… ( Read More → )

Ryan ‘Asylum’ Pilling – June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013 –  Ryan ‘Asylum’ Pilling is a highly respected  comedy magician – and author of “Finding the Funny”. For our upcoming June 14 show, Ryan explores the art of seance magic, contacting the dead, and the wacky frauds of the psychic world. This will be Ryan Pilling’s 4th appearance on Brush With Death!


  Jimbo ‘Certifiably Insane” Jordan will be headlining the June 14 Brush With Death Show, with a deranged selection from his amazing repertoire.  Most notably, Jimbo will be exploring a completely uniquely level of pain and suffering in one of the most unique acts I’ve seen in awhile.  This act is not for the squeamish. I… ( Read More → )


1. What is Brush With Death? It’s kinda hard to describe.  Calling this a “magic” show would be like calling an Alice Cooper concert a “music” show.  Brush With Death is a mix of illusions, comedy,  spirits, dangerous stunts, weird talents, and psychotic personality. 2.  How scary is Brush With Death? The show is tongue-in-cheek… ( Read More → )

Fun at Horror Con!

Brush With Death had a great time at the 2012 Annual Horror Con! During the convention, we set up a booth and began showing some street freak mentalism to random passerby’s.  The reactions ran from confused to freaked out!  It was a blast!  As well, we sold a tonne of tickets to our upcoming Oct… ( Read More → )

October 2011 Shows

Three shows of A Brush with Death and a private booking for an adult birthday party all in one weekend almost overloaded this BWD Techie! The BWD high started on Thursday. The Magic Assistant and I ran around the block looking for an issue of FFWD Weekly. We landed a feature and we were looking to… ( Read More → )

BWD Promos with The Magic Assistant

Last week, The Magic Assistant and I went to poster the city with BWD Posters together! It took a whole day, but you can find our posters at: The Vanishing Rabbit (only place you’ll find our 2 by 3 ft poster!!) Don’s Hobby Shop Deva Dave Boutique Dick and Janes Blame Betty Magic Nails MVP… ( Read More → )