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Bring the bizarre magic and morbid comedy of the stage show – A Brush with Death – to your own adult Halloween Party!  Have the coolest party on your block this October with this 60 minute macabre magic show, featuring all the dark spookiness, sideshow  freakiness, and that wonderful touch of gore from Calgary’s underground adult magic show, right at your own home or private venue.

In a show that’s completely unsuitable for kids (and even unsuitable for many adults!), mentalist Yeats and his assistant Gwyn take you through this dark and comedic journey through the darker side of magic entertainment.  See for yourself why every Brush With Death has been sold out since it opened!

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Mentalist Yeats Wong hosts this evening of bizarre entertainment by exploring the darker side of the human psyche and the mystical intrigue of the mind.Combining a warped sense of humour with a creepy style of magical entertainment, he molds the evening into an unforgettable macabre event. Expect to contact the dead, and perhaps awaken an unfriendly spirit or two.  A bit of blood and gore are always a strong possibility.



The enthusiastic and adorable Gwyn Auger will be debuting in her own feature performance. She is currently in rehearsals, and conditioning herself for rope burn.It’s a tough job, working as the magician’s assistant. You get stuffed into boxes, cut in half and get tied up from head to toe, but Gwyn Auger loves magic and would not want to be anywhere else!

As a trained dancer and professional model, she can wiggle and smile her way out of any dangerous situation.