A Brush with Death: Macabre Comedy & Horror Illusion


Our upcoming “Halfway to Halloween” show is this Feb 28, 2015.  For the first time ever, We’re leaving our safe Calgary home, and heading to Okotoks, just 30 mins south of Calgary.  This is gonna be one of our biggest shows ever, and we’ve brought in special guest stars, including Richard Sherry (world reknown builder of freaky stuff!)  and Dayle Krall (one of the top female escape artists in the world).

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Hosted by mentalist and shock magician, Yeats Wong, this weird and funny show explores the darker side of magic: contacting the dead, exploring your fears & phobias, and having fun with all things morbid.  In every show, this psychopathic entertainer will:

      – explore the dark side of the human psyche!
      – freak you out with gross illusions!
      – screw with your mind!
      – contact the dead!
      – perform dangerous stunts that no sane person would ever do!
      – entertain you with comedy fun, in a loving and relatively demon-free environment!

Every Brush With Death is a fresh show with new macabre illusions, mixed with classic audience favourites.


Saturday, Feb 28th, 9:30pm – approx 75 min show

WITH SPECIAL HEADLINER – DAYLE KRALL, THE HOUDINI GIRL, in a death defying escape act, you absolutely should not miss!!!

Rotary Performing Arts Centre – 3 Elma Street East, Okotoks, Alberta (a short half hour drive south of Calgary)

Tickets: $20/person




Brush With Death-KNife POse2


Mentalist and shock illusionist, Yeats Wong, hosts this evening of bizarre entertainment by exploring the darker side of the human psyche, and subjecting his body to gross but highly entertaining torture.

“It always sounds far gorier than it actually is,” chuckles Wong.  “I actually think of my show as a comedy stage show, and, maybe it’s just my weird sense of humour, but I find fake blood really funny.  If you can handle watching Hunger Games, you can handle the gore from Brush With Death.”

Combining a warped sense of humour with a creepy style of magical entertainment, he molds the evening into an unforgettable macabre event. Expect some freaky body stunts, contacting the dead, and the imminent possibility of injury.

Website: Yeats Magic Co.

Ryan PIlling2


Back by popular demand, Ryan Pilling is one of the weirdest and quirkiest magicians in Calgary.  A regular performer at Calgary’s Improv Guild, and at the annual Improv Festival, Ryan has decades of experience as both an comedic stage entertainer and as a parlour magician.

But if you’re expecting bunny rabbits and streamers, you might want to go to a different show.  Ryan Pilling is one of the oddest entertainers you will ever meet.  His past performances at Brush With Death have involved contacting the dead, and tapping into spirits from beyond the grave… with… um… coat hangers and duct tape.  It’s impossible to guess what Ryan will do next, and often with the most unexpected results.


 Richard Sherry


Aside from his quick wit and sense of showmanship, Richard has distinguished himself as one of the world’s top designers of confinement and escape equipment.  Built from both nightmares and genius, Richard’s builds devices of phobia, danger, and entertainment.  His incredible creations have been features in museums, movies, and television.

Richard will be debuting a terrifying illusion – a freaky piece of equipment that will be performed for the first time ever, at *this* show!  Though all precautions have been taken for safety, who knows what will happen?


 houdini girl


Dayle Krall, The Houdini Girl, is a remarkable woman, and one of the few female escape artists in the world.  But regardless of gender, she has earned her name as one of the top in her field in the world, accomplishing death defying feats.

Dayle is the only woman in the world currently performing Houdini’s Chinese Water Torture Cell in the proper, upside down position, as Harry Houdini did in the early 1900’s. She is also the only escapologist in the world to have performed an upside-down Milk Can escape while in a straitjacket and heavily chained. Dayle is the only person in the history of the world – male or female – to have attempted and escaped from Houdini’s water filled Caged Water Torture Cell.

For this special edition of A Brush With Death, Dayle will be closing the show with an incredible feat – custom created by Richard Sherry – in which you’ll be able to see exactly how she escapes from confines.  If she fails in her escape, the result will be certain death.

  Please note, these feats pose a real and genuine danger to the performers, and are done under the strictest of professional supervision.

Website: www.thehoudinigirl.com