Jimbo Jordan

Jimbo ‘Certifiably Insane” Jordan will be headlining the June 14 Brush With Death Show, with a deranged selection from his amazing repertoire.  Most notably, Jimbo will be exploring a completely uniquely level of pain and suffering in one of the most unique acts I’ve seen in awhile.  This act is not for the squeamish.

I met Jimbo Jordan over 15 years ago when he was a young chap, and I actually sold him his first magic trick.

Since then, Jimbo has become one of the greats in the Calgary entertainment industry.   Jimbo is often see regularly performing on the streets of Calgary – he’s one of the top street performers in his specialty, and exudes confidence and skill with every motion.

In addition to being an incredible street magician, Jimbo is the proud creator and host of the Garden Variety Show, Calgary’s only monthly vaudeville show.  There are only a very small handful of people who have the energy and patience to single-handedly create a full stage production show for the public.