Fun at Horror Con!

Brush With Death had a great time at the 2012 Annual Horror Con!

During the convention, we set up a booth and began showing some street freak mentalism to random passerby’s.  The reactions ran from confused to freaked out!  It was a blast!  As well, we sold a tonne of tickets to our upcoming Oct 14 (2012) Halloween Edition BWD.  We also met a gamut of horror celebrities and local talent, including actor Kane Hodder (aka Jason), dancer Visha Loo, freaky Lylia, actor Johnny Venokur, and the band The Promethean Labyrinth.

A Brush With Death was invited to close the Horror Con Show each day, performing at the Hub’s stage.  We had some awesome fun, freaking out the patrons with a bloody knife illusion, a weird seance, and my favourite freaky illusion (involving dental floss and my neck).

Hoping we get invited back to next year’s Horror Con!