FLASHBACK: Brush With Death, at Wowfest 2014!

This was the first year that Yeats Magic Co’s Brush With Death had it’s own solo show at Calgary’s Wowfest.  For those of you who haven’t heard about this amazing event, Wowfest is Calgary’s own magic festival – an entire week of shows featuring the incredibly rich mix of magic entertainment in Calgary.

Many people associate magic with just children’s entertainment; but magic actually encompasses a very diverse field of styles aimed at a wide variety of audiences.  Wowfest 2014 featured a wide array of performers, including close up specialists, comedy parlour magicians, children’s entertainers and stage illusion.

A Brush With Death was able to put on it’s own show, which was one of the first events to be completely sold out, about 2 weeks before the event.  We were also invited to perform at some of the cabaret performances.

I’m always a little wary of bringing A Brush With Death to a variety event.  The audience is coming to see other performers, and not necessarily prepared for my particular brand of  macabre comedy, dangerous stunts, baffling mentalism… not to mention gore!

However, the event went over quite well – special shoutout to Madelaine Brown Photography, for some incredible event photos!  I love her event photography style – she doesn’t just capture the moment, but also the ambience and rich colours.  Madelaine makes it look easy, but photography in a low light room with harsh stage lighting is quite challenging; far better than my own photos with a point n’ click Panasonic:

Wowfest 2014_0 Wowfest 2014_3 Wowfest 2014_2 Wowfest 2014_1