A Brush With Death in Okotoks


Poster for the Halfway to Halloween Brush With Death Show!

Our February 2015 “Halfway to Halloween” show was our first try at bringing my weird and twisted show outside of Calgary, to nearby Okotoks.  I had no idea if it would be well attended, and I do admit picking Okotoks as a trial was hedging my bets, knowing that at least the south residing Calgarian fans would make the drive to the show.

The Houdini Girl - Dayle Krall

The Houdini Girl, Dayle Krall, underwater in a death defying escape stunt


The show also featured one of the biggest guest stars we’ve ever had a chance to work with.  Dayle Krall The Houdini Girl is one of the top female escape artists in the world, and has performed on TV and around the world.  The show was rounded out with world reknowned designer of dangerous escape equipment, Richard Sherry, and local comedy magician Ryan Pilling.

I also had a chance to debut some new material, including a new bloody knife illusion.


11044956_812921588791891_2533165532019535063_nThe show was a huge success, partnering with Wowfest Magic Arts Festival.  The Rotary Arts Performing Centre had the perfect creepy feel, and the audience was fantastic.

Noted magic historian, author, and performer Stephen Forrester wrote this about the show:

“What an awesome tight original show! Yeats has developed so much – love the character he plays on stage. Dayle’s escape from the glass padlocked box was terrific: just the right amount of tension – then a super quick adroit escape! Richard Sherry’s conception of the glass box & electric chair was great: I feel lucky that you live in the same city and I can see great illusions like this. Lastly, Ryan combining the balloon swallow with the psychic healing was so original and full of great comedy – it reminded me what great theater can be. The best show I have seen in quite a while! And I have seen a lot of shows in my 35 years as a magic performer.”


Full page article in the Okotoks Western Wheel

A great review from a lay audience is one thing, but the years of work I’ve put into this show gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to my cold cold heart, when I hear something like this from an expert in illusion and magic history!


The Houdini Girl in the Okotoks Western Wheel

Looking forward to producing another Brush With Death in February 2016!11043429_816393965111320_5504717990823648828_o


1. What is Brush With Death?

It’s kinda hard to describe.  Calling this a “magic” show would be like calling an Alice Cooper concert a “music” show.  Brush With Death is a mix of illusions, comedy,  spirits, dangerous stunts, weird talents, and psychotic personality.

2.  How scary is Brush With Death?

The show is tongue-in-cheek horror.  It is a comedy… yes, dark macabre comedy, and there are always a few moments of squirmy queasiness, but we don’t jump out at you in the show, and we don’t turn off the lights and try to freak you out that way.  The show is all about showing you creepy, weird, dangerous, or bizarre illusions.  If you can handle CSI, you can handle Brush With Death.

3.  How gory is Brush With Death?

It changes from show to show; there are always some moments of blood or grossness.  We love gore, but we don’t show blood just for the sake of showing blood.  The blood or gore is always with in the context of a cool illusion.  IF you can’t stand the sight of blood, just remember that it’s just red corn syrup.

4.  Is the show suitable for kids?

This ain’t a kiddie show.  We self-rate the show as “M” for mature, and we highly recommend parental guidance.  The show *might* contain profanity, depictions of tongue-in-cheek violence, dangerous stunts, sexual references, and possible scantily clad people, (but never any full nudity … or at least so far).  The show is geared towards adults.  Ages 16+ will have no problem with it, and probably most teenagers have seen and heard worse on prime time TV.  A mature 12 year old will probably be fine, but sensitive viewers are unlikely to enjoy this show.

Definitely, if they can handle CSI, Hunger Games, Criminal Minds, then they can handle this show.  However… this show is live, and the things that we are able to do in this live stage should not be copied under any circumstances.  In the end, the parent should make this call.  Unaccompanied minors will be refused entry.

5.  Is each show the same?

From show to show, about 60-80% is different material.  Your demented host Yeats will always bring some audience favourites that will make it into every show, as well as new illusions.  And, each show features a guest performer, who brings his/her own twists to the show.

6.  Are tickets available at the door?

If there are any seats let, there will be tickets at the door.  Be advised we often sell out, so advanced tickets are advisable.

Advance ticket holders have the choice of preferred seating.
People who purchase tickets at the door will be accommodated with general seating.

7.  Can I wear a costume to the event?

Costumes are encouraged especially for the October shows.  But not mandatory.

Fun at Horror Con!

Brush With Death had a great time at the 2012 Annual Horror Con!

During the convention, we set up a booth and began showing some street freak mentalism to random passerby’s.  The reactions ran from confused to freaked out!  It was a blast!  As well, we sold a tonne of tickets to our upcoming Oct 14 (2012) Halloween Edition BWD.  We also met a gamut of horror celebrities and local talent, including actor Kane Hodder (aka Jason), dancer Visha Loo, freaky Lylia, actor Johnny Venokur, and the band The Promethean Labyrinth.

A Brush With Death was invited to close the Horror Con Show each day, performing at the Hub’s stage.  We had some awesome fun, freaking out the patrons with a bloody knife illusion, a weird seance, and my favourite freaky illusion (involving dental floss and my neck).

Hoping we get invited back to next year’s Horror Con!


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The Show

… Now with 10% more blood, and 15% higher insurance premiums! …


You never know what to expect with A Brush With Death, Calgary’s most bizarre illusion show!  Dangerous stunts and creepy effects… perhaps a pint of blood or two?

Hosted by mentalist and shock magician Yeats Wong, this weird and funny show explores the darker side of magic: contacting the dead, exploring your fears & phobias, and having fun with all things morbid.

Every Brush With Death is a fresh show with new macabre illusions and freaky guest stars, mixed with classic audience favourites.


FRIDAY JUNE 14, 2013 – 8:00pm

FORT CALGARY – Burns West Theatre



Yeats Wong


Mentalist and shock illusionist, Yeats Wong, hosts this evening of bizarre entertainment by exploring the darker side of the human psyche, and subjecting his body to gross but highly entertaining torture.

“It always sounds far gorier than it actually is,” chuckles Wong.  “I actually think of my show as a comedy stage show, and, maybe it’s just my weird sense of humour, but I find fake blood really funny.  If you can handle watching Hunger Games, you can handle the gore from Brush With Death.”

Combining a warped sense of humour with a creepy style of magical entertainment, he molds the evening into an unforgettable macabre event. Expect some freaky body stunts.

Website: Yeats Magic Co.


Gwyn CagedPerky Gwyn Auger brings her dazzle and charm to the stage… while Yeats and the other performers tend to stab, tie, slice, and abuse her in so many ways.  Yet she takes it all with a contractually obligated smile!


Jimbo Jordan

Every show has freaky and weird guest stars, bringing fresh craziness to an already creepy show.  Our June 2013 show features Jimbo ‘Certifiable’ Jordan, in his first Brush With Death.  Jimbo is one of the top street magicians in the province, and has his own vaudeville variety show, The Garden Variety Show.

For A Brush With Death, Jimbo will be exploring the macabre depths of his own pain tolerance.

Ryan PIllingRyan Pilling is wacky nutjob, on his best days.  He’ll be exploring the mysteries of seance, and contacting spirits from the beyond the grave.

Ryan is an accomplished magician and improv actor.  He’s a member of the Improv Guild, and has performed on stage with TV’s Colin Mochrie!

This will be Ryan’s 4th appearance as a guest performer on A Brush With Death.


Private Bookings

Click on image to view full article in Metro News


 “They blew my mind.  So glad I decided to go with your unique parlour show.” – Tyson, Medicine Hat, AB

In a show that’s completely unsuitable for kids (and even unsuitable for many adults!), mentalist/shock illusionist Yeats Wong takes you through this dark and comedic journey through the macabre side of magic entertainment.  See for yourself why every Brush With Death has been sold out since it opened!

Host a birthday party, bachelorette, or just a fun afternoon with friends at our Brush With Death studio – for small parties of 6-10 people, a private booking gives you an intimate close up interaction with mentalism and magic entertainment, combined with light snacks and beverages.

Or, bring the entertainment straight to your own home –  for your private party, or special event.  Illusion, psychology, science, and entertainment come together to create an incredible experience. Keep telling yourself, there’s no such thing as ghosts.


The Afternoon Tea Seance – Book this private seance complete with tea, italian lattes, and fresh local pastries.  Professional mentalist Yeats Wong takes you in this intimate exploration of the 1800’s seances – delving into the science, psychology, and entertainment of contacting the dead.  Expect some thrills, chills, and intrigue.  Afternoon tea is provided by Calgary’s Latte Art Love.  Cost: packages starts at $40/person, minimum of 6 people.  Sundays, 2pm  – 1802 1 St NW Suite #205.  By advance booking only.

Cocktails and Macabre Magic – This double header event starts with a hands on cocktail workshop by Calgary’s Spirit of the Wench, followed by close up magic and mayhem by mentalist Yeats Wong.  Yeats takes you on a journey of the freakiest parts of shock magic, from sideshow stunts to .  Cost: packages starts at $50/person, minimum of 8 people.  Sundays, 2pm  – 1802 1 St NW Suite #205.  By advance booking only.

Paranormal In Your Home – Bring the bizarre magic and morbid comedy of A Brush With Death to your own house party or private event.  From a roaming mentalist interacting with your guests, to a dark parlour seance, this custom entertainment brings a weird and unique experience to your party that your guests will talk about for weeks.   Laughs, thrills, and shocks.  Packages start at $550 for parlour shows, and $300 for walkaround mentalism.


To book: Contact Us


Mentalist Yeats Wong hosts this evening of bizarre entertainment by exploring the darker side of the human psyche and the mystical intrigue of the mind.Combining a warped sense of humour with a creepy style of magical entertainment, he molds the evening into an unforgettable macabre event. Expect to contact the dead, and perhaps awaken an unfriendly spirit or two.  A bit of blood and gore are always a strong possibility.

Website: http://www.YeatsMagic.com