1. What is Brush With Death?

It’s kinda hard to describe.  Calling this a “magic” show would be like calling an Alice Cooper concert a “music” show.  Brush With Death is a mix of illusions, comedy,  spirits, dangerous stunts, weird talents, and psychotic personality.

2.  How scary is Brush With Death?

The show is tongue-in-cheek horror.  It is a comedy… yes, dark macabre comedy, and there are always a few moments of squirmy queasiness, but we don’t jump out at you in the show, and we don’t turn off the lights and try to freak you out that way.  The show is all about showing you creepy, weird, dangerous, or bizarre illusions.  If you can handle CSI, you can handle Brush With Death.

3.  How gory is Brush With Death?

It changes from show to show; there are always some moments of blood or grossness.  We love gore, but we don’t show blood just for the sake of showing blood.  The blood or gore is always with in the context of a cool illusion.  IF you can’t stand the sight of blood, just remember that it’s just red corn syrup.

4.  Is the show suitable for kids?

This ain’t a kiddie show.  We self-rate the show as “M” for mature, and we highly recommend parental guidance.  The show *might* contain profanity, depictions of tongue-in-cheek violence, dangerous stunts, sexual references, and possible scantily clad people, (but never any full nudity … or at least so far).  The show is geared towards adults.  Ages 16+ will have no problem with it, and probably most teenagers have seen and heard worse on prime time TV.  A mature 12 year old will probably be fine, but sensitive viewers are unlikely to enjoy this show.

Definitely, if they can handle CSI, Hunger Games, Criminal Minds, then they can handle this show.  However… this show is live, and the things that we are able to do in this live stage should not be copied under any circumstances.  In the end, the parent should make this call.  Unaccompanied minors will be refused entry.

5.  Is each show the same?

From show to show, about 60-80% is different material.  Your demented host Yeats will always bring some audience favourites that will make it into every show, as well as new illusions.  And, each show features a guest performer, who brings his/her own twists to the show.

6.  Are tickets available at the door?

If there are any seats let, there will be tickets at the door.  Be advised we often sell out, so advanced tickets are advisable.

Advance ticket holders have the choice of preferred seating.
People who purchase tickets at the door will be accommodated with general seating.

7.  Can I wear a costume to the event?

Costumes are encouraged especially for the October shows.  But not mandatory.