Information – Show 4

What would happen if a magic show was put together by a couple of slightly psychotic magicians and an overly enthusiastic assistant? You’d get, a BRUSH WITH DEATH … and Bunny Rabbits!

Get in touch with your inner phobias at the hit underground bizarre show, “A BRUSH WITH DEATH“.  Since it’s opening show in October 2010, every show has been completely sold out.  Featured in the intimate surroundings of Lolita’s (formerly Club Paradiso), this macabre show explores the darker side of magic entertainment. Mentalism, seances, and plenty of morbid comedy are all to be expected at each show.


DATE: October 27, 30 – 2011 Time: Doors open at 6:00pm (for dinner guests); Show begins at 8:00pm
DATE: October 28, 2011 Time: Doors open at 7:00pm (for dinner guests); Show begins at 9:00pm

Show is approximately 1hour 45 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission.

Location: Lolita’s (Formerly Club Paradiso) above Village Cantina in Inglewood: 1413 – 9 Ave SE
Contact: Lolita’s Lounge – 403-265-5739, or Yeats Magic Co. – 403.244.8872 (Hours 11AM – 6PM)



TriXtan has amazed people from all over the world as a variety performer. With over eight years of performing experience, he has been amazing audiences for over eight years with sleight of hand, hypnosis, and spinning fire!

Be prepared for some freaky and bizarre magic from this quirky entertainer.



Mentalist Yeats Wong hosts this evening of bizarre entertainment by exploring the darker side of the human psyche and the mystical intrigue of the mind.Combining a warped sense of humour with a creepy style of magical entertainment, he molds the evening into an unforgettable macabre event. Expect to contact the dead, and perhaps awaken an unfriendly spirit or two.  A bit of blood and gore are always a strong possibility.



The enthusiastic and adorable Gwyn Auger will be debuting in her own feature performance. She is currently in rehearsals, and conditioning herself for rope burn.It’s a tough job, working as the magician’s assistant. You get stuffed into boxes, cut in half and get tied up from head to toe, but Gwyn Auger loves magic and would not want to be anywhere else!

As a trained dancer and professional model, she can wiggle and smile her way out of any dangerous situation.



A regular performer at the Comedy Cave, Club Paradiso, and the Improv Guild, Ryan Pilling has over a decade of experience in professional entertaiment, and is considered one of Alberta’s top comedy magicians. Recently, Ryan Pilling performed with TV’s Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyways?) at the Calgary Improv Festival.

Featured on: Yeats Magic Co.