Our upcoming “Halfway to Halloween” show is this April at the Pumphouse Theatre.  Stay tuned for the new guest performers, date, and ticket information!

Hosted by mentalist and shock magician, Yeats Wong, this weird and funny show explores the darker side of magic: contacting the dead, exploring your fears & phobias, and having fun with all things morbid.  In every show, this psychopathic entertainer will:

      – explore the dark side of the human psyche!
      – freak you out with gross illusions!
      – screw with your mind!
      – contact the dead!
      – perform dangerous stunts that no sane person would ever do!
      – entertain you with comedy fun, in a loving and relatively demon-free environment!

Every Brush With Death is a fresh show with new macabre illusions, mixed with classic audience favourites.


February 13, 2018 – The Intimate & Creepy Close Up Valentines Day Special Show – at Madisons 1212
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April 14/15, 2018  –  Brush With Death’s Halfway To Halloween Show – Pumphouse Theatre (tentative)  

New: The Private Seance Afternoon Tea– Book an incredible private intimate and macabre event, complete with macabre seance, and afternoon tea or cocktails.

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Brush With Death-KNife POse2


Mentalist and shock illusionist, Yeats Wong, hosts this evening of bizarre entertainment by exploring the darker side of the human psyche, and subjecting his body to gross but highly entertaining torture.

“It always sounds far gorier than it actually is,” chuckles Wong.  “I actually think of my show as a comedy stage show, and, maybe it’s just my weird sense of humour, but I find fake blood really funny.  If you can handle watching Hunger Games, you can handle the gore from Brush With Death.”

Combining a warped sense of humour with a creepy style of magical entertainment, he molds the evening into an unforgettable macabre event. Expect some freaky body stunts, contacting the dead, and the imminent possibility of injury.

Website: Yeats Magic Co.