Jimbo ‘Certifiably Insane” Jordan will be headlining the June 14 Brush With Death Show, with a deranged selection from his amazing repertoire.  Most notably, Jimbo will be exploring a completely uniquely level of pain and suffering in one of the most unique acts I’ve seen in awhile.  This act is not for the squeamish. I… ( Read More → )


1. What is Brush With Death? It’s kinda hard to describe.  Calling this a “magic” show would be like calling an Alice Cooper concert a “music” show.  Brush With Death is a mix of illusions, comedy,  spirits, dangerous stunts, weird talents, and psychotic personality. 2.  How scary is Brush With Death? The show is tongue-in-cheek… ( Read More → )

Fun at Horror Con!

Brush With Death had a great time at the 2012 Annual Horror Con! During the convention, we set up a booth and began showing some street freak mentalism to random passerby’s.  The reactions ran from confused to freaked out!  It was a blast!  As well, we sold a tonne of tickets to our upcoming Oct… ( Read More → )

October 2011 Shows

Three shows of A Brush with Death and a private booking for an adult birthday party all in one weekend almost overloaded this BWD Techie! The BWD high started on Thursday. The Magic Assistant and I ran around the block looking for an issue of FFWD Weekly. We landed a feature and we were looking to… ( Read More → )

BWD Promos with The Magic Assistant

Last week, The Magic Assistant and I went to poster the city with BWD Posters together! It took a whole day, but you can find our posters at: The Vanishing Rabbit (only place you’ll find our 2 by 3 ft poster!!) Don’s Hobby Shop Deva Dave Boutique Dick and Janes Blame Betty Magic Nails MVP… ( Read More → )

July 2011 Shows

I had a blast putting on this show!  Once again, Brush With Death was completely sold out well in advance of the show.  The first show went off without a hitch on Thursday, and I had a great time performing my favourite creepy and bizarre effects.  Based on the feedback from the Thursday show, I… ( Read More → )